Friday, October 23, 2009

How To Make Rice Flakes Payasam


Rice flakes                ----- 1 cup
Coconut powder       ----- 1 cup
Milk                          ----- 2 cups
Sugar                        ----- 1 cup
Ghee                         ----- 4 spoons
Cashew nuts              ----- 1/2 cup


  1. Wash the rice flakes.
  2. Soak flakes in it for 5 min.
  3. Take a pan and heat it for 2 sec.
  4. Add 2 spoons of ghee in it.
  5. Heat ghee for 2 sec.
  6. Add cashew nuts in it.
  7. Fry nuts till nuts comes to golden colour.
  8. After take fried nuts into a cup and keep aside.
  9. Add milk in it.
  10. Boil milk for 5 min.
  11. After 5 min, add soaked rice flakes in it.
  12. Cook for upto 5 min.
  13. Add coconut powder in it.
  14. Mix once and cook it for 10 min.
  15. After 10 min, add sugar in it.
  16. Mix well till sugar is totally melted.
  17. After sugar is melted, add remaining ghee in it.
  18. Mix once and make the stove off.
  19. Take payasam into a bowl and serve in it.
  20. Garnish with fried cashew nuts on it.
  21. Now you are ready with payasam infront on you.
  22. Eat and enjoy the very tasty and delicious sweet rice flakes payasam.  

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