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Saturday, December 4, 2010

How To Make Rice Flakes Vada


Gram flour                        ----- 1 cup
Rie flour                           ----- 1 cup
Rice flakes                       ----- 1 cup
Onion pieces                    ----- 1/2 cup
Green chillie pieces           ----- 1 or 2 spoons
Ginger pieces                   ----- 1 spoon
Salt                                  ----- as required
Water                              ----- as required
Oil                                   ----- as required
Curry leaves                     ----- 1 or 2 spoons
Coriander leaves              ----- 2 spoons
Jeera                                ----- 1/2 spoon

  1. Take a bowl and add rice flakes in it.
  2. Add water in it and soak for 10 to 15 min.
  3. After 15 min, drain water from the rice flakes.
  4. After removing water from it, add rice flour in it.
  5. Now add gram flour also in it and mix well.
  6. Now add onion pieces, green chillie pieces and curry leaves in it.
  7. Add jeera, coriander leaves and ginger pieces in it.
  8. Now take a pan and heat it for 2 sec.
  9. Pour 2 cups of oil in it and heat it for 2 to 3 sec.
  10. Now add salt in the bowl  as per your taste.
  11. Mix well all the items in the bowl.
  12. Add sufficient water in the bowl to make it as a vada dough.
  13. The mixture should be in very thick consistency.
  14. Now make the mixture into small balls and press in the middle.
  15. Now make the balls into round shape and dip in the heated oil.
  16. Fry it untill vada comes to golden brown colour.
  17. After colour changes, remove vada from oil and take into a plate.
  18. After making all the mixture into vada, make the stove off.
  19. Now you are ready with rice flakes vada infront of you.
  20. Eat and enjoy the very tasty, delicious, yummy and spicy snack item rice flakes vada.